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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Download Errors !!! (Message 413)
Posted 22 May 2020 by marmot
Newest BOINC ver, new account.
D/l errors.
Guess I picked a bad day to install this project but it forced me to update BOINC.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Can't add project through Boinc Manager (Message 412)
Posted 22 May 2020 by marmot
Oh, that did it. Got the same problem on one of my Pc's. 7.8.3 is to old.
That's the 2017 version which is on almost all my Windows machines.
How did 3 years slip by already?

I have a whole lot of machines to update but they are almost all down cause of warmer months and income loss.
EDIT: Installing 7.16.6 got my primary laptop attached.
I don't remember ever seeing a latest BOINC requirement since I installed in 2006.

There's more to the problem than that. I have 2 Linux machines running 7.14.x that won't attach.
The BOINC recommended d/l version is 7.4.22 from 2014 (although I found, and am running, a 7.6.33 release on a Debian server). The latest is marked unstable. I was waiting for a stable release.
So if we want to run the Linux version we have to use the 7.16.6 unstable version?

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